Ohio State University Extension's Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) promotes healthy living. Along with topics like healthy eating and exercise, mindfulness is part of what makes a healthy lifestyle. Ohio State University Extension offers an overview on the science behind the art of mindfulness as well as the health benefits of stress reduction. How can you live a more mindful, less stressed and healthier life?

Resources from Previous Mindfulness Classes:

Utilizing Somatic Awareness for Individual and Community Resiliency

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult conversation and you notice your heart starts beating faster? Your throat starts to constrict? Your face turns red? Tears start to sting your eyes. These are all signs of a somatic response. Your body has its own form of knowledge and it senses uncomfortable and potentially unsafe territory. What can you do? One option is to avoid these conversations. But avoidance causes your body to store up unnecessary energy and prevents growth from taking place.

What if you had the ability to lengthen the time between stimulus and response? What if you could experience difficult conversations as learning opportunities? With somatic awareness you can approach difficult conversations with a settled state of being. 

Somatic awareness occurs when a person acknowledges their own self within their environment and identifies psychological, physiological and social factors that promote healing and self-regulation. This skill can be utilized in all types of settings and is especially helpful in personal and professional pursuits that tend to focus on challenging and stressful topics.

Turn to One Another: Simple Conversations During COVID-19

While many of our family, friends and neighbors are at work on the front lines—healthcare workers, supermarket employees, emergency responders—a whole lot of us are at home, often with family members, working (or not) and waiting anxiously for something to change.

With so many of us in seclusion for our own safety and the safety of us all, how can we find strength in each other? We believe that a pathway through anxiety, fear and uncertainty lies in the act of telling one’s story.

The Politics of Feeling Good: Preventing Burn Out in the Social Sector

How do we make work in the social sector the most pleasurable human experience? What strategies can we use to make it impossible to settle for anything less than a fulfilling life? Join a workshop on Valentine’s Day to identify ways to prevent burnout, shift from surviving to thriving, and centering joy in the work we do.


Youth Movement and Mindfulness

Practicing yoga as a form of physical activity can help improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve balance. Attending this series helps youth incorporate more physical activity into each day and establish healthy habits that will be sustained long-term. In addition to increasing physical activity and fitness, children participate in short discussions about diversity and the benefits of being open to new situations and people who are different from yourself.

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