Process & Policy of Becoming a 4-H Volunteer

What You Need to Do
What Happens Next
Becoming an Organization Advisor
4-H Advisor Education Requirements

We’re pleased that you’re interested in applying to be a 4-H Volunteer OSU Extension, of which Marion County 4-H Youth Development is a part, has a mandatory statewide policy for volunteer selection.

The application deadline is OCTOBER 1 (volunteers with the intent of starting a NEW CLUB) and OCTOBER 31 (for all others).


What You Need to do

Potential 4-H Volunteers/Advisors Must:

  1. Print, sign, and return the 4-H Volunteer Application (see link below)
  2. Get a BCI Fingerprint Background Check

4-H Volunteer Application Packet


What Happens Next

1. Margo Long, Extension Educator, will review your application.
2. Your references will be contacted and asked to complete a written reference form.
3. You need to obtain a BCI Background check (details in Volunteer Application Packet)
4. An interview with the 4-H Educator will be scheduled. Your interview will be scheduled only after the written references have been received.
5. After the Interview and a Background Check, a determination will be made on our acceptance as a Marion County 4-H Volunteer
6. You will be notified of your status and will receive further instructions.
7. You must attend an OSU Extension 4-H Volunteer Orientation session within your first 6 months as a 4-H Volunteer.

Becoming an Organizational Advisor

If you are interested in starting a new club where you would become the Organizational Advisor OR taking over as the Organizational Advisor of an existing club – please understand you must set up an appointment/interview with our office to review your status and determine if this role is suitable for you.  This is not an automatic assignment. The Organizational advisor role requires a different skillset that we may not have considered in your initial interview.

Please do not initiate meetings with new members or activities of the club via this role until you have received approval from our office.


4-H Advisor Education Requirements

4-H Advisor Education Policy

“All club advisors are required to attend a county-wide Advisor Update Workshop annually.

This required education is in accordance with State Advisor Selection and Orientation requirements and helps to “Make the Best Better” for our county 4-H Program.

Thank you for all your hard work and for our 4-H Youth Development Program.