Welcome to 4-H in the classroom! Learn more about in-school programs that include curricula, kits and hand-on activities designed to meet Ohio's academic content standards in science, math, social studies and language arts.

Why Bring 4-H into Your Classroom

4-H School Enrichment materials create an environment for hands-on discovery. OSUE Marion County staff is available to assist teachers implement the curriculum through individualized training and through classroom presentations.

In addition, as participants, your students receive the benefits of 4-H membership! They may attend 4-H camp, enjoy contests, and join in other 4-H activities. Students may also expand on their experiences by joining a community 4-H club.

How to Participate

For more information on scheduling a program or obtaining a curriculum guide, contact Margo Long 740-223-4040 or email her at long.1632@osu.edu.


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