We are thrilled that this girl, Kyla Stockdale, has a heart for the people we serve. Kyla is a sophomore at River Valley High School and is currently serving as the student advisor of her school’s FFA Chapter. She is also very active in her 4-H Club. Kyla has decided that her 4-H project this year (and hopefully for years to come) is to create an Open Hearts Livestock Show. This show is a collaboration with OSU Extension and the Marion County Board of Development Disabilities.

The goal is to pair those with special needs with 4-H mentors to compete in a friendly livestock show creating a fun, inclusive environment for those with an interest in animals to learn more and get a feel for what 4-H may be like. This year, those who are interested and want to participate will be able to show rabbits, goats, and/or pigs. A mentor will be with the showman all along the way – teaching them, helping them, and guiding them.

Have questions? Contact Kyla Stockdale at openheartslivestock@gmail.com or Margo Long at long.1632@osu.edu.

Open Hearts flyer



Sponsorship, participant registration, and volunteer/mentor registration will be available soon!