To be eligible for participation at the Marion County Fair, youth exhibitors must participate in one of the following Livestock Quality Assurance Programs. The deadline to complete QA for Marion County is May 19, 2023.

Parent participation is encouraged, particularly for young exhibitors, but not required.

4-H & FFA members in these projects must attend a QA Program:

Lactating Dairy Cattle, All Market Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Poultry and Rabbits

2023 Approved QA Sessions for Marion County

  • February 20 at 6:30pm at River Valley
  • March 7 at 6:00pm at Evers Arena
  • April 4 at 6:00pm at Elgin
  • May 10 at 6:30pm at River Valley
  • Test Out Option on March 28 - register with Extension Office by March 24

Must be present within 15 minutes of the start time. Online YQCA option does not count for county QA requirements. Additional specie specific opportunities for QA may be available. Approved programs are typically offered at the following events: Ohio Beef Expo, OSU Junior Swine Day, Bi-State Youth Poultry Clinic, etc.

Test-Out Option

Youth ages 15-18 as of January 1, 2023, may choose to “test out” of Quality Assurance attendance. Exhibitors can choose a Large Animal or Small Animal QA Test. Exhibitors receiving an adequate score will meet QA attendance requirements for the remainder of their 4-H or FFA career.

Details and Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is I cannot attend any QA Programs? If you do not participate in a QA program, you are not eligible to exhibit at the Marion County Fair.
  2. I am showing 2 different species at the fair. Do I need to attend two QA programs? Youth exhibitors only need to attend one QA session, even if you are showing multiple species.
  3. How will my attendance be tracked to ensure that I have completed QA? If you attend a Marion County QA program, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. If you attend a QA program elsewhere, it is your responsibility to obtain documentation that shows your attendance and completion of that program.
  4. What is the final date to attend a QA program outside of Marion County? Regardless of where you attend your QA program, it MUST be completed at least 45 days prior to the start of the Marion County Fair. This is a state rule, not a county rule. The Fair Board cannot approve any QA session being held after that date.
  5. What if I have a horse project? Junior Fair Horse Exhibitors MUST complete QA ib April 23 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.. If you also have a livestock project, you must also attend a livestock QA program. Equipstep and Livestock QA are not interchangeable.