OSU Extension Marion is excited to introduce a new program to Marion County! Community Voices – Leadership for Community Decision Making – emphasizes that many remedies to our county’s problems are within reach. They lie in our community’s greatest resource-its people. The program works together with residents to provide them the educational tools and strategies to tackle many issues facing their neighborhoods and their lives. In particular, Community Voices trains people from the lower economic strata of our community in the vital art of community leadership.

From training comes leadership, and from leadership comes the action needed to accomplish goals that may have felt out of reach a few short years ago. By allowing residents the opportunity, people at the grassroots level believe that their voices are vital’ and when raised in unity, can enact positive change for Marion.

The four units this curriculum covers include

  • Building a Community Vision Using a Shared Group Leadership Approach
  • Communicating Our Vision Through Working Together
  • Working Our Vision – Step by Step
  • Building a Community and County Organization to Implement Our Community Action Plan

Overview of Community Voices program: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R_9ERIr9usCG3I_2hAlVQA8n0PvWQaoO