The 4-H Cloverbud program will introduce participants to the many projects and activities 4-H has to offer.

Who can join?

Anyone 5 years of age (as of January 1) and in kindergarten through the second grade (regardless of age) may enroll in the 4-H Cloverbud program.

How can I join?

To sign up to be a 4-H Cloverbud member just complete a member enrollment form and mark Cloverbuds.  Your first year enrolled in the Cloverbud program will be considered as your 1st year in 4-H.  Example:  Chris Clover has been a 4-H member for 2 years and is now 8 years old and in the third grade.  He will then begin choosing his own projects.  When he fills out the enrollment paper, he needs to put that this is his 3rd year in 4-H.

Want to Become a Cloverbud Advisor?

An adult interested in being trained to be a Cloverbud Advisor, must follow the guidelines of becoming a 4-H Advisor as well as meet with Margo Long, Extension Educator to learn about the Cloverbud requirements and curriculum. Contact the Extension Office for more information at 740-914-3030.

How does Cloverbud Membership Work?

Eligible 4-H Cloverbud member may join a local 4-H club. The 4-H Cloverbud program has a special curriculum that is age-appropriate for these children and it needs to be followed completely.  Advisors leading the Cloverbud program need to go through training, before they are able to teach the Cloverbud children within their club. Countywide meetings will be held once a month. Cloverbuds can attend just the county meeting, just the club meeting, or both. Membership fee is $10.

What are Some of the CLoverbud Activities?

Aside from the county and club meetings, Cloverbud members will have the opportunity to participate in a “mini-project” designed specifically for Cloverbud members, which can be completed at home. The June meeting will give Cloverbuds the opportunity to share their projects in a non-competitive environment.  Then, projects can be displayed in the Cloverbud booth or a club booth during the Marion County Fair. This is optional. Cloverbuds can also participate in day camp, date TBD. Cloverbud Day Camp is a day-long program and details will be sent directly to current year Cloverbud members.


  • Stay tuned for dates!