Illustrated Talk or Demonstration----Without Use of Computer Technology

Junior Individual (age 8-11)

Junior Team (age 8-11)


  • The presenter uses appropriate props and other visual aides to teach others about a subject or how to do something.
  • May use charts, posters, pictures to deliver their Illustrated Talk or to stress points with their Demonstration.
  • PowerPoint or computer-generated messages are not used in this class.
  • Presenters are evaluated on their ability to convey information and teach on a particular topic. Presentation should last between 6-9 minutes.


Illustrated Talks or Demonstrations---with or without the use of Computer Technology

Intermediate Individual (age 12-13)

Intermediate Team (age 12-13)

Senior Individual (age 14 and up)

Senior Team (age 14-up)


  • The presenter uses appropriate props and computer-generated visual aides to teach others about a subject or how to do something. Use of computer-generated visuals is NOT required.  Examples:
    • A demonstration may be delivered in this category. PowerPoint type slides may be added in addition to other props to help present their message.
    • An Illustrated Talk may be delivered in this category, with the member using PowerPoint type technology to present their entire visual message; accompanied by their live narration
  • Requires live speech delivered along with any PowerPoint or poster message. (No pre-recorded narration) 
  • Member is evaluated on their communication skills and their ability to effectively use technology, posters, or other props to enhance their presentation.
  • Illustrated Talks/Demonstrations should be 9-12 minutes in length.
  • Presenters are required to furnish their own equipment for this presentation except for an LCD projector, screen, and extension cord.                                


General Guidelines:
  • Members may participate in more than one category. If selected for state fair, a member can only participate in one category.
  • Microphones, easels, and tables will be provided if needed
  • Up to 25 4-H entries may be selected for state fair participation with no more than five entries per category. *SR. TEAM IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR STATE FAIR.*
  • Clubs are not limited by the number of participants that may enter.
  • A team demonstration consists of two people sharing the speaking and teaching role. When team members fall into two age categories, they will participate in the older class.
  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior Division Special Awards:


                                                                        TEAM               INDIVIDUAL

                                    First Place                   $20.00              $10.00

                                    Second Place               $16.00              $ 8.00

                                    Third Place                  $12.00              $ 6.00


Contact the Extension Office, 740 914-3030, if you have any interest in participation!