1. PHONE NUMBER CHANGE - 10-28-2020

    Oct. 28, 2020

    We have New Contact Numbers:

    Phone Number

    740 914-3030

    Fax Number

    740 914-3031



    Apr. 03, 2020


  3. JOIN 4H

    Dec. 03, 2019

    More information  

  4. Instant 4-H Information

    Apr. 19, 2017

    As a way to ensure our 4-H families are receiving reminders in a timely manner, we will be utilizing technology a little more! Aside from 4-H Youth Development section of, we will post updates on Marion County 4-H Blog that will be emailed weekly—but items will be entered as we get them. To get the blog and subscribe, please go to, scroll down the page on the left side, and put your email address in and hit subscribe.

  5. Soil Testing for Lawn and Garden

    Sep. 23, 2016

    Boost garden yield and quality and improve your lawn and landscape.

    Click here for soil test information.